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Staying in touch with clients and prospects through regular email newsletters is vital to generating and retaining business. They can be the difference between a one-off instruction and a long-term successful relationship. And with good relationships come recommendations and referrals.

How It Works

Case Studies

Here’s how we can help:We’ve been preparing content and sending out HR focused employment law newsletters, bulletins and updates for solicitors’ firms for more than fifteen years. The content is lively, topical and always written in clear English by aprofessional support lawyer, closely supervised by me, Daniel Barnett.

Top10Benefits of sending out email bulletins:

Ten benefits of sending out email bulletins:

1.Your clients and prospects hear from you regularly. You’re at the front of their mind when it comes to a staffing problem or a potential tribunal claim.

2.By including a sign-up box (which we provide as part of the distribution package), you’ll capture details of visitors to your website – allowing you to stay in touch with them until the time they need your help.

3.You can have calls to action in the bulletins, encouraging people to contact you if they have similar problems to the ones described in the emails.

4.Your clients will know you care about their business. You’re sharing valuable information with them, and they’ll learn to rely on you.

5.Your HR contacts will stop wondering why they’re getting emails from your competitors, but not from you.

6.You’re maximising your time. Instead of spending time talking to one client about employment law developments, you’re broadcasting the same information to all of them.

7.If you add the content to your website, it’s great juice for search engines, and will raise you up the Google ranks.

8.It increases the lifetime value of your clients by reducing clientattrition and indifference.

9.It quickly and efficiently identifies bounced email addresses, so you know when your contacts have moved on elsewhere.

10.It’s much more efficient than a printed newsletter, both in terms of print costand speed of distribution.

More than15Years of Experience

“Daniel Barnett has just produced our first email update. Within days, I was contacted by people I hadn’t met in a long time. It resulted in two meetings being set up with potential for collaboration and further work opportunities, and resulted in one actual set of instructions which I billed for, more than covering the cost. I also received numerous emails saying how helpful and well written it was and congratulating me, which I naturally took full credit for. And all from the first bulletin – thank you, Daniel.” Thushara Polpitiye, Astute HR

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