Employee Investigations

How to conduct – and train others in conducting - grievance and disciplinary investigations

Have you ever been criticised for the way your company conducted an internal grievance or disciplinary investigation?

Have you ever been unsure how to handle a tricky issue that's arisen during an investigation?

In this audio seminar (on .mp3 file) and accompanying book, leading HR and employment barrister Daniel Barnett teaches you exactly how to conduct an investigation. Covering all the steps, from selecting and briefing the investigator through to a checklist on drafting the report, you'll learn how to set up, conduct and craft the perfect investigation report.

  • What is HR's role in an investigation?
  • How do you pick your investigator?
  • When can you suspend the employee? What are the five ways suspension can lead to a constructive dismissal claim?
  • What are the pros and cons of involving the police?
  • How do you deal with the problem of anonymous informers? Or fellow employees who request confidentiality?
  • Can you rely on covert surveillance evidence?
  • What should you say at the outset of, during, and at the end of the investigation meeting?
  • What reasonable adjustments should you consider?
  • Note taking versus audio recordings - which will a tribunal prefer?
  • Techniques for questioning the employee during the hearing
  • How to write the investigation report

    What do I Get?

Charlotte Winder

“HR Professionals should buy Employee Investigations. It gives fantastic knowledge in a clear and concise format. Daniel provides great examples and specific case law that you can refer to, assisting your understanding of the topic and making it applicable to real life situations.

“Daniel helps to identify common questions and issues throughout the Employee Investigations process that HR professionals can then apply in our own job roles. It’s clear advice with a relevant and modern approach!”

Charlotte Winder Sarah Booth HR

What's Covered in the audio lecture and accompanying Book?

  • Starting an investigation
  • Who you should select as an investigator
  • Checklist on how to brief the investigator
  • The limits on HR’s involvement
  • Whether and when to suspend the employee
  • When should you involve the police?
  • Keeping stuff confidential
  • The problem of the anonymous witness
  • Employees who refuse to attend an investigation meeting
  • The right to be accompanied
  • Note taking and audio recording
  • How to ask questions during the interview
  • Searching employees and their possessions
  • Covert surveillance evidence
  • What conclusions should the investigator reach?
  • Checklist on drafting the report

About Daniel Barnett

Daniel Barnett is a leading employment law barrister practising from Outer Temple Chambers in London. With over 20 years’ experience defending public and private sector employers against employment claims, he has represented a Royal Family, several international airlines, FTSE-100 companies and many hundreds of SMEs.

Daniel is the author or co-author of eight books, including the Law Society Handbook on Employment Law (7th edition due 2017).

He is the creator of the Employment Law (UK) mailing list, an email alerter bulletin service sending details of breaking news in employment law three times a week to 29,000 recipients.

As well as full-time practice as a barrister and speaker, Daniel founded and runs the HR Inner Circle, the UK's leading community for smart and ambitious HR professionals.

Daniel is the resident lawyer on LBC radio, where he co-presents the legal hour on Clive Bull's Wednesday evening show.

What do HR Professionals say about Daniel's seminars?

Nancy Prest Nancy Prest, Doodle HR

"Daniel is engaging and makes employment law exciting."

Julie Deadman Julie Deadman, Crispin Rhodes HR

“The Employee Investigations seminar is great - the best! Daniel is in a class of his own. Don’t hesitate. Worth every penny!”

Louise Wilkinson Louise Wilkinson, Which? Legal

“Daniel never disappoints. Charismatic, intelligent, knowledgeable and funny – no one keeps your attention quite like he does. I would recommend his seminars if you don’t want someone just reading the law or cases to you. If you are looking for something ‘useful’, this is it.”

Ceri Bird Ceri Bird, Swansea University

"Informative, enjoyable and value for money. Daniel’s delivery is light, funny and kept everyone focused and engaged."

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Daniel Barnett

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